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In addition to providing the Rotary Power Checkering Tool that has been the standard for custom stock makers for over 60 years, will continually strive to be your one stop shop for adjustable sights and gunsmith tools. We currently offer an extremely durable, patented adjustable rear sight for a fairly wide variety of popular handguns. This sight has a low, snag-free profile and installs easily in the factory dovetail. The combination of innovation, durability and front sight compatibility makes it the best adjustable sight on the market for combat / carry.

It is our intent to design, produce and make available, products of the highest quality and superior value. MMC will soon return to production of previous products including the adjustable sight lines offered in years past. This will include other gunsmithing tools such as the 1911 front sight staking tool made popular in the ‘70s.

Highly functional and dependable designs married with durable materials and efficient production processes, and offered at reasonable prices, makes these products the best values on the market. It is also important to us that Americans produce, assemble and market these items. We are very proud to be… Made in America.

While this will seem obvious or perhaps cliché to some, we take the following Mission Statement to heart and want to stress it for our potential customers. In an era where low cost products deliver less than optimum effectiveness and longevity, our goal is to supply maximum value for the client. If you’re tired of buying a product built for a given task and finding it does the job for some relatively short period before it either breaks or wears out, or the product is barely functional to perform the job for which it was intended, you won’t be disappointed here.

Our Mission Statement

Deliver superior value through innovative, durable and highly functional products, backed up by exemplary customer service.

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  1. I recently installed your adjustable rear sight on my Remington R1. I think MMC is the only company that makes an adjustable sight for the R1. I did not have to do any fitting to the sight or the Remington proprietary dovetail. Very easy to zero. Now my Remington R1 is a keeper.

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1911 Gun Sight

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1911 Gun Sight
1911 Gun Sight