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Extremely durable, snag free, low profile patented adjustable sights for a variety of popular models.

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Rear Sights Feature Simple Adjustment and Easy Installation

Innovative rear sight design installs easily and is uniquely configured for combat / carry applications.

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Serving Shooters and Gunsmiths around the world

Miniature Machine Company was originally founded in 1959 and specializes in the design and production of high quality, user friendly adjustable sights and gunsmithing tools.

Serving Shooters and Gunsmiths Around the World!

Serving Shooters and Gunsmiths Around the World!

Combat / Carry Adjustable Rear Sight

Uniquely configured for combat / carry applications, the MMC Combat Adjustable Sight meets the need for an extremely durable and snag free adjustable gun sight.

MMC Power checkering tool

MMC Rotary Power Checkering Tool

The tool is used to complete the repetitious bulk of the checkered panels. Hand tool use is not eliminated, however, the time required to finish the job is dramatically reduced.

Miniature Machine Company

MMC delivers superior value through innovative, durable and highly functional products, backed up with exemplary customer service.

Firearm Safety and Proper Gun Handling

Safe gun handling helps us minimize, or hopefully eliminate personal injury and demonstrate to those around us, the deadly serious nature of the tool we use.

Combat / Carry Adjustable Rear Sight

Gun Sight

Uniquely configured for combat / carry applications, the MMC Combat Adjustable Sight meets the need for an extremely durable and snag-free adjustable rear sight. Available now for a variety of models including the 1911 (standard and high versions), CZ 75/85/97, Browning & FN Hi Power, H&K USPs, Remington R1, Kahr (old style dovetail), Sig Sauer, Springfield XD & HS 2000s, FN 509 & 503, Taurus G3 (fixed sight models)/ G3c/ GX4, Mossberg MC1, Zastava M57 and other Soviet TT variants – and more coming soon.

When considering an adjustable sight for a handgun, we pose the question – How will it be used? If the application is exclusively to punch holes in paper, perhaps target sights are in order. However, if the gun is to be used for carry or a combination of carry and target – like most of us, then a lower, snag-free design might be a better choice. In addition to the low, snag-free profile, a combat sight should be very durable and quick to acquire. And since windage is normally a “once and done” adjustment, the sight is best designed (smaller and less complicated) WITHOUT a windage mechanism. This allows for a symmetrical sight picture which aids in quicker sight acquisition. But sadly, most currently available adjustable handgun sights are somewhat unsuitable for carry. It is this segment of the market we wish to address.

We’re just talking about a sight here – “It’s just for lookin’ thru”,

But if these features matter to you, this might be what you’ve been looking for.

The MMC Combat Adjustable Sight features a patented, yet simple mechanism which allows the shooter ample, fine increment elevation adjustment. The sight is drift adjustable for windage. The 30 degree rear face and truncated round outer shape of the sight base makes it far less likely to snag on clothing, belt or holster during presentation. Since the sight sits directly over the factory dovetail and forward of the rear edge of the slide, it’s less apt to sustain damage if the gun is dropped. Additionally, the sight is machined from solid hardened steel to further diminish the potential for deformation due to impact. The sight base’s “ears” not only provide protection for the sight blade, these protective ears also assist in the transition to sighted fire from simply shooting off the front sight under high stress. This minimizes the time it takes to get on target. See this Massad Ayoob concept outlined in his excellent defensive handgun book, Stressfire. And for situations we hope never to see, the blunt forward face of the MMC sight base facilitates one hand cocking / clearing of the handgun. And lastly, the MMC sight is compatible with nearly all standard factory front sights, so you know its low to the slide.

The sight blades are easily interchangeable, and the sight can be completely disassembled for customizing, including melting, texturing and rebluing.

An innovative, durable design, that’s competitively priced and
EASY to install with NO slide modifications;
MMC is a great choice for your handgun.

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Firearm Safety and Proper Gun Handling

First off; there are many sources for this info on the net. NRA is probably the best place to go for it. Do the research and follow the rules. We’ll throw in our 2 cents worth here though. The shooting sports can be very fun, satisfying and rewarding. As gun owners we have an obligation…

Firearm Safety and Proper Gun Handling
1911 Gun Sight

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1911 Gun Sight
1911 Gun Sight