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The MMC Rotary Tool will quickly produce cut checkering from 16-32 lines per inch.  The tool is used to complete the repetitious bulk of the checkered panels.  Hand tool use is not eliminated, however, the time required to finish the job is dramatically reduced.  Like most forms of “art”, practice is essential, but in the hands of a trained craftsman, this job is done in a most efficient manner, and of course, leads to much greater profit margins.  Most professional stockmakers use the MMC / M-2 machine. The tool can be driven with the Foredoom flex-shaft package (motor, 8-D hand piece and foot or bench speed control) or, with adapter, the NSK air or electric drive systems. This tool is in use around the world by custom gun, stock and grip makers as well as by those in factory production.  Other power tools exist now, but the MMC tool remains the most reliable and user friendly machine available.

Tools are not normally sold with the drive system as most gunsmiths / stock makers usually have the Foredom equipment. We recommend Foredom CC motor (discontinued by Foredom) or SR motor with foot rheostat and #8-D handpiece.
Tool can also be driven with the NSK pneumatic or electric systems with MMC adapter…..$75
Other drive systems can be adapted. Please call for clarification.


Factory Service

There are some 4700 MMC tools currently in use by custom gunmakers, stock makers and firearms manufacturers around the world.  Tools are occasionally returned for factory repair / refurbishing.  Because they return so infrequently, tools are restored to what we consider to be “as new” operating condition.  Most are repaired for less than $150. In extreme cases, where complete overhaul is necessary, cost can run as much as $250 or more.  Once this is done, the owner can expect another decade or more of trouble free service.

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Currently on back order – please call for availability.

2 reviews for Power Checkering Tool

  1. Robert James

    Good Quality product

  2. Jim mills

    For 12 years I watched and learned to checker from a great Stockdale. He would never allow me to touch his power checkering tool. He told me you have to learn to do it by hand first. I did, and last may he passed away. His wife gave me his MMC checkering tool. After about an hour I was running it almost as good as he did. What I couldn’t believe was how much faster it was. Wow, he bought his I think in the 60’s and works like the day it was purchased. Buy one you won’t be sorry.

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