CZ 75/85/97


Adjustment procedure

Adjustment of the sight is quite simple.  For windage, the set screw on the left side of the base is loosened with the included .050” hex key, and as previously mentioned, simply repositioned with a punch (punch should have blunt flat face and contact only the dovetail area).  For elevation, use the same .050” hex key (or anything small and pointed – toothpicks work well) to depress the detent plunger on the right side of the base and twist the sight blade counterclockwise to raise the point of impact, clockwise to lower.  Release detent to lock blade at the proper position.

Installation –

Please do not use sight pushers, and always wear eye protection.

The slide dovetail cut is approximately .120” deep (about .100” on mod. 97) x 70⁰ x .393” wide (see sight dovetail pix to verify correct application).  The factory fixed rear sight is to be driven from the dovetail (usually left to right) with the proper punch.  Don’t forget to use eye protection.  The MMC sight is then fit to the slide by flat filing the ribs on the bottom of the dovetail until a tight interference fit is achieved.  The left side set screw provides additional security.

MMC low CZ… available

MMC high CZ… available

Sight notch is .125” wide x .090” deep

Available in:

Model Price MMC low CZ MMC high CZ
Plain Black $69.45 DCZLPB DCZHPB
White Dot $79.45 DCZLWD DCZHWD
White Bar (under notch) $73.90 DCZLWB DCZHWB

Tritium and fiber optic versions will soon be available.


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Low/High CZ

Low CZ, High CZ


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CZ 75/85/97

The MMC sight for the CZ 75, 85 and 97 models come in two heights.  These two versions cover any of the CZ fixed sight heights.  Once the correct MMC sight is installed on your CZ, it will be compatible with the factory front sight.  Fitting of the sight is normally quite simple, and requires only mild flat filing of the MMC dovetail bottom.  No modification to the slide is required.  If you have any trepidation about installation, please consult your local gunsmith.

  • If your fixed rear sight is #1 thru #7 (marked underneath) – heights of .290” – .350”, order MMC low CZ.
  • If your fixed rear sight is #8 thru #13 – heights of .350” – .412”, order MMC high CZ.
  • Sight notch is .125” wide x .090” deep.
  • Blade height at median elevation position is .310” for low and .370” for high.

Model shown is CZ 97 with high MMC version installed.


1911 Gun Sight

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1911 Gun Sight
1911 Gun Sight