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Combat / Carry Adjustable Rear Sight

Uniquely configured for combat / carry applications, the MMC Combat Adjustable Sight meets the need for an extremely durable and snag free adjustable gun sight.  Currently available for the 1911 with variations for other Colts, S&W, Ruger, CZ, Springfield, Browning and H&K pistols, and Marlin rifles coming soon.  Competitively priced and easy to install, the MMC Combat Adjustable Sight for the 1911 is the best value on the market.

When considering an adjustable sight for a handgun, the question should be – How will it be used?  If the application is exclusively to punch holes in paper, perhaps target sights are in order.  However, if the gun is to be used for carry or combination carry / target, then a lower, snag free design would be a better choice.  Unfortunately, current adjustable offerings are largely unsuitable for combat use.  In addition to the low, snag free profile, a combat sight should be very durable and quick to acquire.  It is this segment of the market we wish to address.

Because the windage consideration is normally a “once and done” adjustment, the combat adjustable sight is best designed (smaller and less complicated), WITHOUT a windage mechanism.  This also allows for the sight picture to be symmetrical, which aids in quicker sight acquisition.  Therefore, the MMC 1911 combat adjustable sight is simply drift adjustable for windage correction.  The sight blade employs a patented mechanism which gives the shooter ample, fine increment adjustment for elevation.

The 30 degree rear face and truncated round outer shape of the sight base makes it far less likely to snag on clothing, belt and holster during presentation.  Since the sight sits directly over the factory dovetail and forward of the rear edge of the slide, it’s less apt to sustain damage if the gun is dropped.  Additionally, the sight is machined from solid hardened steel to further diminish the potential for deformation due to impact.

The sight base “ears” provide additional protection for the sight blade.  These protective ears also assistin the transition to sighted fire from simply shooting off the front sight under high stress situations.  This minimizes the time it takes to get on target.  (See this Massad Ayoob concept outlined in his excellent defensive handgun book Stressfire.)

Regarding the combat defense pistol, the rear sight is the best “handle” for one arm slide manipulation.  The blunt forward face of the MMC sight base facilitates one hand cocking / clearing of the handgun. Please study the three sight identification pictures to insure your pistol is compatible with the MMC sight.

Verify your pistol is equipped with the standard GI style dovetail before you order.

Standard GI style rear sight and dovetail. MMC sight WILL fit.


Novak rear sight and dovetail cut. MMC sight WON’T fit.


Extensive cut to accept the Bomar style sights. MMC sight WON’T fit.

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Adjustment procedure

Adjustment is simple.  For windage, as previously mentioned, simply drift with a punch.  The set screw on the left side of the base is loosened with the included .050” hex key prior to alignment.  For elevation use the same .050” hex key (or anything small and pointed – toothpick works well) to depress the detent plunger on the right side of the base and twist the sight blade counter clockwise to raise the point of impact, clockwise to lower.  Release detent to lock blade at the proper position.



This sight fits the dovetail cut on the original 1911 Gov. issue model.  The cut is approximately .100 deep x 65⁰ x .345 wide.  The factory fixed rear sight is to be driven from the dovetail (usually left to right) with the proper punch.  Don’t forget to use eye protection.  The MMC sight is then fit to the dovetail by filing the ribs on the bottom until a tight interference fit is achieved.  The left side set screw is provided for additional security.


Sight notch is .125” wide x .090” deep

Available in:Qty

Plain black……………………..….$69.45  ______

White dot……………………….….$73.90 _______

White bar (under notch)……$72.90  _______


Tritium and fiber optic versions will soon be available.

9 reviews for Combat / Carry Adjustable Rear Sight

  1. Steve Anderson

    I installed the MMC Combat / Carry 1911 Adjustable Rear Sight, then tested it, making the following observations:
    The sight was beautifully finished, installed quickly and adjusted easily, displaying extraordinary care in its manufacture. I adjusted the elevation up and down, but that was really unnecessary, as the factory setting was already correct for my front sight at 25 yards. Those who want the ability to cycle the slide in an emergency by hooking the front of the rear sight against nearby objects, clothing or accessories will likely appreciate the tall, blunt front of the sight housing. The sharp sight notch corners made for a crisp sight picture, and the depth of the notch just barely included a complete view of the front sight dot. There’s plenty of clearance to keep the bottom of the sight housing from contacting, and possibly scraping, the top of the slide adjacent to the dovetail during installation. Therefore, it seems the perfect adjustable sight for a shooter choosing to maintain an unaltered, undamaged, factory-original slide on an historically significant or heirloom 1911 pistol. I will certainly recommend it to others for that use.
    Steve Anderson
    Armscor Precision International
    and Rock Island Armory

  2. Jon DeGuzman

    I currently on own a Colt Series 70 1911 in 9mm and have always enjoyed shooting it but felt I could be better. The factory rear and front sights were at ok at best and I felt like it was the Achilles heel of this particular model. Being an older 1911, I was in the market for upgrading the sights.

    I came across the MMC Combat/Carry adjustable rear sights and found out the company was a locally owned and operated here in the Fort Worth, Texas area. I reached out to MMC and I was contacted by Rob (owner) of MMC. Being a gun novice, I had many questions but Rob was so helpful and took the time to explain my options as well as helping me figure out my next plan of action.
    After installing the MMC sight- I feel like my older Colt 1911 was instantly transformed to an up to date modern shooter. Build quality was top notch but functionality is the key word. After taking the gun to the range a couple of times, the MMC sight has dramatically improved my shooting and has given me a new appreciation for my Colt 1911. I would highly recommend this product and give Rob an A+ rating for quality and customer service!!

  3. Jason Holbert

    Bought the adjustable rear sight for my 1911 and couldn’t be happier. Sight has a solid, well-machined feel to it and was one of the easiest (and worthwhile) upgrades I’ve made to any of my handguns. The adjustment mechanism feels solid and the white detail on the combat sight itself is clean and bright and makes quick alignment easy for my combat action shooting events.

  4. Chris

    Purchased the MMC white dot adjustable sight for my M1991 A1 Colt. Installation was quite easy and required only minor filing to fit the factory dovetail. It was important to me to keep the gun in original condition. The MMC sight works beautifully with the white dot factory front sight. Very happy that I didn’t have to replace that at additional expense. Quality of the machined parts is near flawless. Thanks also for the same day shipping!

  5. Kirk Schottler

    Years ago i had a 1911 with the original MMC rear sight, now i needed one for IDPA and heavy metal 3-gun, so that we could change loads and bullet weights…this sight really fills the bill, it is not fragile, the adjustment is quick and easy, installation is great considering getting to keep the original front sight. As a gunsmith and competitor simple and easy is desirable. Be warned… your competition will see yours and want one… and the owner, Rob knows his stuff and a nice guy to boot. Great Sight.

  6. JEL (verified owner)

    I put this on a Springfield Mil Spec 1911 that I could hardly hit the broad side of a barn with using the original sights. First time to the range with the MMC rear sight I was able to shoot one ragged hole at 15 yards. Totally different gun with this sight. Amazing.

  7. Dylan Watson (verified owner)

    Really love your sight! I makes me feel far more confident having this sight on my carry pistol. A great way to update the G.I. without braking the bank. Quality product, keep up the great work.

  8. Ryan Linder (verified owner)

    My Para 1911 Expert was shooting ~3″ low at 8 yards and ~10″ low at 25 yards with the stock rear sight. Even if I swapped the front sight with a significantly shorter post (in fact removed it entirely), I would always shoot low. Basically, the stock rear sight was way too short.
    I installed this sight, took it to the range and adjusting the height, I was dead on in about 5 shots. Now at 8 and 25 yards, the sights are true; what a concept: now the bullets go where I aim. I look forward to using this pistol for Action/Practical pistol at my gun club and there was no way I would try without these sights. I planed to conceal carry this 1911 during the winter months and now that I can rely on these sights, I won’t hesitate. Not only do I know the sight picture is accurate and even though it’s larger than the stock post, it is less of a snag hazard.
    This is well built (clearly built to last and hold up to potential abuse), but not a potential snag concern–nice smooth and rounded “edges.”
    My Para 1911 is now a go to gun at the range and a tack driver: no longer have to aim over the target anymore. It’s like having a whole new gun.

  9. Tim Riffe (verified owner)

    5/12/20. These sights are a sure fix for those of us who have filed some on the front sight. No more – and these sights are perfect if you want to increase your confidence. I had to make 2 passes with a flat file to install. Shipping was good. If you own a ATI Commander try this sight first.

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